Our Search Methodology involves a 10-step search process:

  • Understanding the Client

    Outline the search assignment, timelines, organization culture & structure

  • Detailed Client Analysis

    Define candidate profile, job title, mapping position with KRAs

  • Market Analysis

    Research team deployed to conduct market analysis to create candidate specifications.

  • Search Plan

    Explore search strategies to research on target companies.

  • Talent Mapping

    Target potential candidates.

  • Shortlisted Candidates

    Approach, qualify and Interview shortlisted Candidates in detail on competencies, interest and career mapping.

  • Background Check and Shortlisting

    Check to verify crucial parameters and present the shortlist to Client.

  • Final Shortlist and Assessments

    Work Closely with the clients on the Final Shortlist and Assessment Centre to evaluate Strengths, Weakness through Role Plays.

  • Offer

    Negotiate to strike a balance between the Client and Preferred candidate.

  • On-Board

    Follow Up and Assist in successful On boarding and natural integration with the client company.